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R.I.P Fritz Johnson

It’s sad to see a friend go. Earlier today I learned that my good friend Fritz has lost his battle with AIDS. This is only a short time after him losing his battle against male pattern baldness, which knowing Fritz, bothered him more then anything else. Fritz was a good com-padre. Some of his favorite things were Tea, Cell Phones, and the movie Philadelphia. Goodnight sweet prince.


Bad Medicine

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, it has been a trying couple of weeks due to Aunt Sara’s illness. One perk of going to the hospital 3 times daily to visit her was that I made a new friend. Keyson (pronounced Jason) is a single father that has been recently laid out after taking a spill at his local JoAnne fabric store. He’s a sweet man. When I was visiting, his son brought his father his favorite American Girl doll to keep him company. Fortunately, he (as well as Aunt Sara!) are feeling a lot better. Here is to wishing Keyson a speedy recovery!

Indian Giver

Phillipe, my ex boyfriend, recently texted me the above picture. Much to my chagrin, something about this picture really raped my fanny. No, it isn’t his GIGANTIC muscles! It’s that he still has MY sunglasses from when we were dating! ::BITES COIN PURSE:: I never liked it when exes kept things of mine one we were broken up. Whether it be my pillow pet or my virginity, it is really unfair. I go out of my way to give all the items exes have bought me to the homeless, then I burn them.

Bruce Juice

My friend Bruce recently grew a mustache for “Movember” and even though the month is over, he just kept going! I’ve always been very envious of Bruce. He has the most gorgeous eyes and a smile to die for. He also has the personality of a walrus. Even though he was born with severe mental retardation, he remains resilient. You know, like a walrus.

Unexpected Yule Tide Cheer

For the last 19 years I have been publishing a Christmas letter to update my friends and family on the year that has passed. They enjoy it as everyone enjoys each of those. A few others have shared in my tradition. Here is a the Walton Family, they grew up next door to me. From left to right there’s Kayla, Karen, Kamilla, Kordelia, Kimberly, Kacey, Kelsey, and Bo in the background. Their parents passed away when they were teens and they had to grow up without parents. It was sad, but it also meant some wicked high school parties. Muah guys! I miss you and hope the tragic memories of your parent’s New Year’s Eve death won’t be too much to bear in the coming week.

The Rock

Sorry for the lack of posts!!! Andre and I traveled across the sea to visit his family for their big Kwanza celebration coming up this Monday. We were safe and there wasn’t much hassle in the airport other than the peanuts being too salty. We’ll be traveling around Europe a bit in the next few weeks thanks to some long overdue vacation time because I kept my mouth shut. Here’s a picture of Andre’s childhood friend Manny. We joke and call him “Manly” instead of Manny because that’s what he is. Look at those guns! This was taken at the Rock of Gibraltar. It’s part of my world tour to visit all of the famous rocks in the world. Next on the list, Plymouth!

Take That Cancer!

My friend Holly is a Mormon. She’s also bossy. That’s why she dates both Mitchell (left) and Duncan (right). Holly is a cancer survivor. She had cancer of the breast which devasted Mitchell (left and Duncan (right). The cancer was removed through the power of prayer and Mitchell (left) and Duncan (right) are thrilled that their Holly is back to having non-lumpy breasts. They even went all out as to name her breasts, Carmen (left) and Righty (right).