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Unexpected Yule Tide Cheer

For the last 19 years I have been publishing a Christmas letter to update my friends and family on the year that has passed. They enjoy it as everyone enjoys each of those. A few others have shared in my tradition. Here is a the Walton Family, they grew up next door to me. From left to right there’s Kayla, Karen, Kamilla, Kordelia, Kimberly, Kacey, Kelsey, and Bo in the background. Their parents passed away when they were teens and they had to grow up without parents. It was sad, but it also meant some wicked high school parties. Muah guys! I miss you and hope the tragic memories of your parent’s New Year’s Eve death won’t be too much to bear in the coming week.


Christmas Traditions

Hanging around another family can be tricky around the holidays. You have to get used to their traditions. One of the stranger ones in Andre’s family is his adopted brother Nicholas likes to dress up like a woman. At first I didn’t realize Nicholas wasn’t a Nicolette. He’s a pretty convincing female. He even tried kissing me. It wasn’t until he revealed his breasts and I saw the skin of cantalopes that I knew it was all a gag. Speaking of gags, I can’t wait to see what Andre’s mom got me. Last year was a sweater of epic fail! lol

The Rock

Sorry for the lack of posts!!! Andre and I traveled across the sea to visit his family for their big Kwanza celebration coming up this Monday. We were safe and there wasn’t much hassle in the airport other than the peanuts being too salty. We’ll be traveling around Europe a bit in the next few weeks thanks to some long overdue vacation time because I kept my mouth shut. Here’s a picture of Andre’s childhood friend Manny. We joke and call him “Manly” instead of Manny because that’s what he is. Look at those guns! This was taken at the Rock of Gibraltar. It’s part of my world tour to visit all of the famous rocks in the world. Next on the list, Plymouth!

Mary X-Mas!

My Jewish friend Mary and I like to poke a little fun at each others beliefs. I know it’s cruel, but it’s all in good fun! When I received this picture this weekend of her wearing a Santa hat, I said game on! Maybe I should send her a picture of me poking my head into an oven. What do you think I should do? Leave me a suggestion below.