I’m kind of new at this whole blogging thing lol bear with me.

My name is Fabio Juan Pablo Montoya Javier Pablo Marquez Esteban, I love in the fabulous city of Eugene, Oregon despite never knowing anyone named Eugene. Recently my life partner Andre and I opened up an online quilt auction website. I’d post a link here but I never mix business with pleasure lol sorry.

I come from a big family very ethnically diverse. Having southern values like my family does it took a while for us to all get used to it. I have lots of great friends and I’m hoping that with this blog I can share my pictures of my life with them and you.

I’m also real into photography and stickers haha so that will explain why this is mostly a picture blog than a writing one. my English isn’t very good b/c of a mental disease I have that I can’t spell. Haha sorry but the affects my spelling and it’s realy hard to spell. That always make me laugh. And if you can’t laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at?

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