Greetings From Calgary!

My kid brother P.J. who lives in Calgary sent me this photo. He’s the guy on the right getting all of the love from the girlies. P.J. was in an unfortunate tractor pulling accident when he was a toddler. It burnt off his eyebrows and now he has to draw them on with a thin brown pencil. His friends are supportive though. Even though most of his body is burnt to a crisp, his female friends are always willing to burn their own bodies as a show of support. It’s cute and gives creedance to the term “All Canadians are nice”.

See you soon P.J.! Can’t wait to soak up that California sun next summer when we hit the beaches!!!!


2 thoughts on “Greetings From Calgary!

  1. Awesome! Is this where you’re from? It’s a great city, went to the rodeo about a million years ago. If your kid brother has scarring, it is not eveident at all in the picture, and he sure has found the pretty girls to surround himself with! 🙂

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